Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Shifts in World Hegemony

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In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey discusses the new book by Brad Delong, “Slouching Toward Utopia,” which aims to explain the massive creation of wealth over the last 150 years for the upper and middle class, its effect on the world order and why it’s failed to deliver an increasing sense of happiness among that top 50%. Harvey takes us through the history of the various world powers, from Italian city-states to the rise of the US as the global hegemon and the present shift in power that has emerged with China’s rapid economic growth.

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  • "Slouching Toward Utopia" by J. Bradford DeLong 

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  • pasqual digesu
    commented 2022-08-07 08:37:30 -0400
    The concept seems to follow Schumpeterian growth which states that capitalism’s growth blindly expands on available resources while they last. Unsustainability is the now the new factor in the old economic theories. The Malthusian trap has been dodged but is unavoidable by the basic law of physics. Globalization is not just the distribution of surplus but the uncontrolled capitalist endeavor to harvest, manufacture, and exploit every resource globally for the uncontrolled drive for increased wealth. This global factory has increased population by providing every unsustainable population the global means of expansion for which they are now dependent, not being able to sustain themselves using local resources. The greater problem is how to maintain them when this uncontrolled fickle structure of capitalism or global factory shuts down because of further greed in the form of war, resource competition and scarcity etc. (“Reflection” by Guzziferno 2022 edition) Uncontrolled greed also affects the social aspects of our lives or new society where the destruction of family has exhibited the very results described here in violence and school shootings. From all present information and research, it seams these young adults all came from fatherless homes, only following the changes in social laws which took place 20 years earlier.
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