All Things Co-op makes the leap to video!

Our podcast All Things Co-op has just begun it’s 3rd season, and it’s now available to watch on our YouTube channel!

All Things Co-op began almost a year ago, in September 2019. It is co-hosted by Kevin (an attorney and host of The Sensible Socialist podcast), Cinar (an international development economist), and Larry (on a journey to develop a coherent personal, social, and political identity), who first began working together as part of the [email protected] study group. The first two seasons were available only as an audio podcast and we are now delighted to bring these cooperative discussions to our YouTube audience.

Season 3 will take a deep dive into cooperative initiatives around the globe and at home, featuring thorough and informative interviews with leaders from a variety of cooperative development institutions. 

In this critical time, we hope this series will provide not only a vision of a better world, but a practical look at what is currently being done to build it. 

All Things Co-op is available for free, but it’s made possible by the support of our audience. If you’re able and willing to support this work, please spread the word about All Things Co-op or become an ATC patron, where you’ll also receive a few perks. You can also help by sharing this email and the news about ATC with your network of family and friends. 

Thank you for listening and watching. 

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