Ask Prof Wolff: How To Build A Strong Left Movement

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Patron of Economic Update asks: "The Australian people have just voted to remove the authoritarian conservative government, which recorded its worst election result in 70 years. The Greens (our main left-of-centre option in Aus) recorded it's highest vote in its 30-year history and will hold the balance of power in the Senate. With the combined third-party vote now roughly equal to either major party, many are now realizing for the first time that there is an alternative to the two-party elite consensus. For many young people this is the first win for the left they have ever experienced and their energy this week is inspiring. I do fear, however, that the elite backlash (particularly given our right-wing media bias) will be severe over the next three years. Many of us here would greatly appreciate your advice on how a movement can withstand that push-back and continue to offer optimism."

This is Professor Richard Wolff's video response.

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