AskProfWolff: Patents and Copyrights: A Socialist Approach

A Patron of Economic Update asks: "What is the role of patents and copyrights in a socialist society based on worker coop enterprises? These government granted monopolies are the main causes of income distribution to the few who can fund or buy research that gets patented or receive copyrights. How do independent artists, researchers, inventors get funded and recognized in a socialist society. I know that in the Netherlands that the government purchases artworks and rents them to companies and individuals. What is an ideal method of giving incentive to creative people, financially, socially, and economically."

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"Richard Wolff in his new book examines frightening and anti-democratic configurations of corporate power, offering not only a blueprint for how we got here, but a plan for how we will rescue ourselves and create new models of economic and political justice.” - Chris Hedges

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