AskProfWolff: How To Renew the Appeal & Success of Socialist & Green Parties

A patron of Economic Update asks: ""Hi Prof, I am from Canada and one the Green Party is having a leadership race for the next federal election. I am a member of Meryam Haddad's campaign to become the new leader of the Party. Team Meryam is a socialist grassroots organization and we are doing really well at gathering support so far. We adopted the watermelon symbol for ""green on the outside, red on the inside."" We want to implement policies like universal basic income based on inflation per province to compete with the economy, nationalized internet so that everyone may have access, fair rent pricing, progressive taxation etc... I want to know how we can gather more support and and mobilize people who would have supported the New Democratic Party (the NDP has ""fallen into a neoliberal austerity frame""), as well as more policies we may implement to effectively protect the working class and other marginalized groups against the capitalist superstructure and the unequal impacts of environmental degradation , decolonize the Indigenous, and dismantle industries we are so dependent on?"

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