All Things Co-op: Critiques of Co-ops

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In this episode of ATC, Kevin, Larry and Cinar talk about some of the most common criticisms of co-ops that they've heard over the years and respond to them.

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 All Things Co-op

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  • Cathy Miller
    commented 2021-05-20 19:50:28 -0400
    So, you just addressed the reason for a co op not being an easy to start business. And my suggestion about Gov providing a way for financing that doesn’t require 1 person to be held liable for the loan. I’m sure we could figure something out.
  • Cathy Miller
    commented 2021-05-20 19:31:21 -0400
    My biggest question is this: Why are there so few Co-Ops? What prevents us from having more of them? Is it really a matter of the problem of investment to get the company going? Couldn’t government play a part in helping people get the funding to create more businesses like this?
  • Judy Shelton
    commented 2021-05-19 15:32:45 -0400
    Re. the comment, “Just because it’s (hierarchy) is natural doesn’t mean it’s good.” But whether it’s good or not, dominance behavior is a primate instinct and so must be managed. My question is, how do successful coops overcome this tendency?

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