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In this episode of All Things Co-op Larry, Cinar, and Kevin attempt to answer the often asked question for anti-capitalists - “What does your future society look like?” While one version of a post-capitalist society is Star Trek, we can wait that long - we need something now. So, starting from the standpoint of an economy based on worker self-directed enterprises they discuss what the government in such a society could look like. They attempt to answer how economic decisions could be made, how things could get built, and how we could distribute the goods and services we produce. If you’ve ever wondered what the future looks like, check out this episode.

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  • stefan kneppel
    commented 2021-02-28 19:33:53 -0500
    There is a division of labor organized at the top. The top being a perfect being with no favorites other than for His lovers. But materially He is not biased , meaning ethnically, racially, sexually etc. His social and work manifesto is in four unique divisions of 1. Brahmins- intellectuals 2. Administrators- protectorate 3. Business and Agricultural management 4. Labor- workers. These were the four’varnas’. In addition there were or are four spiritual divisions of 1. Sannyasis- renunciants 2. Retired- a renounced type of family without children 4. Single celebates.
    No one is created equal and everyone should follow their nature. There is no consideration of qualification by birth, but by your very ability and activities.
    The spiritual divisions ensure that there is no atheists. Everyone has some religious conviction. The main fault of Marx is atheism. Society without God is void of a future or vitality. Faith needs be constructed based on revealed scripture and the author of this system is also the foundation of Vedic literature which reveals scientifically the absolute truth in the Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana . The whole scheme is to remove envy and remove a individual from the vicious cycle of repeated birth and death.

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