There is an alternative to capitalism

We provide the argument, the examples, the perspective that is able to fight against the nihilists, the fascists, the fatalists, and that we arm those that are on the right side of history with the means to be able to say “this is what the future could look like, should look like, and this is how we can get there."

All Things Co-op seasons 6 and 7 are reminding the world “there is an alternative” to capitalism. Watch or listen to new episodes from Larry, Kevin & Cinar that either discuss the possibilities of a cooperative society or interview a variety of democratic workplaces making that society a reality.

The theme of season 6 was "There is an alternative." 

Which of these things do you think would be different in a cooperative society?

The All Things Co-op crew believes that these can and would be different if the basic principle of our society was cooperation not competition. These conversations are thoughtful, hopeful and often feature discussions with cooperatives who are already creating a new world in these areas! 

New episodes are still coming out for season 7 featuring interviews with leftist thinkers and cooperative workers. While some conversations are more theoretical…

Other conversations apply these ideas to existing cooperatives, who discuss both the benefits and challenges of making this model work under capitalism...

Season 7 moves in and out of speculation and existing examples to both visualize a new world and show how people are building towards it.

That’s what this show is all about: sharing the possibilities and reflecting the realities of our current capitalism, and lately, All Things Co-op is proving there is an alternative.

Our audience donations allow us to produce this show and share the ways we can grow a cooperative economy. Consider donating to Democracy at Work with a monthly or one-time gift. Our monthly supporters are invaluable to us, in that they allow us to plan for the future, and commit to bringing you more media from an anti-capitalist and pro-workplace democracy perspective. Thank you.

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