Audiobooks Now Available!

We are glad to announce that both The Sickness is the System and a combo of Understanding Socialism & Understanding Marxism are now available as audiobooks.

Understanding Marxism was our first book, initially printed in 2018. It has remained our most popular book, appreciated for its brevity and simplicity. We released Understanding Socialism almost two years ago to meet rising interest in alternative ideas for our economic system. Today, these books have been combined into one audiobook. 

We released The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself almost one year ago. In September of 2020 the long-term realities of the Covid-19 pandemic were becoming increasingly clear, the US was finishing a summer of powerful protests for Black lives, and we were entering the final stages of a critical election year. One year later, the underlying issues that drove each of these significant events continue unaddressed, and this collection of essays continue to provide a relevant and timely commentary on them. 

We’re so glad these ideas and critiques are now even more accessible in this new format. 

All of our books continue to be available as paperbacks, and eBooks. Buy your copies on Lulu (not Amazon) to ensure your purchase supports Democracy at Work as much as possible. 

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