Book Donation Program

Launched in January 2023, the d@w Book Donation Program distributes free d@w books to libraries, schools, co-ops, prisons, and more. 


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This program aims to make the most impact by distributing books to organizations that will make our books available to as many people as possible and to communities who need it most. We do not support individuals in need of books for their own purposes. 

We are currently accepting applications for print and electronic books from the d@w library. We cannot provide audiobooks at this time. 

Please note that we may receive more requests for books than we can meet and we assess each request on a case by case basis. This means that we can often take some time to respond to your inquiry.

To apply for books, please fill out this form.

Request d@w Books


Support the d@w Book Donation Program

Make a contribution on this book donation program page if you'd like your gift be used specifically for this program.

Support the d@w Book Donation Program


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