Cities After… is now animated!

Here to entice your civic imagination, Miguel Robles-Durán’s podcast on the future of cities is joining our other shows on YouTube, but with a new look. We’ve designed different animations for you to enjoy while listening to conversations of leading activists in the struggle for our urban homes against capitalism.

Enjoy the new animations on YouTube today, or as always, listen to the show on your favorite podcast player!

To reflect the show's hope and possibilities, an animated Miguel sits on a city rooftop as birds fly by, the trees rustle and on the streets below, people are marching for the right to the city. Sometimes, when a guest joins the show- Miguel hops on the phone! Spot the easter eggs of his books & journals.

Join him as he thinks about urban emptiness and the pandemic with Marxist geographer David Harvey, looks into architecture as a tool of capitalists with professor of architecture history Pelin Tan, or shock therapy in urban areas with influential think of the Latin-American left Andrés Arauz. 

Dream up your perfect city street with Robles-Durán as he sits outside a co-op cafe & book shop (selling our own [email protected]
Understanding Socialism and Understanding Marxism) in the breeze with others enjoying the day.

Listen into more episodes on global real estate markets with human rights lawyer Leilani Farha, cities competing for capital with Marxist urban theorist Andy Merrifield, or the post-pandemic spectacles, speculation & tourism of cities with former leader of Barcelona Gala Pin.

Activists, politicians and leading thinkers shaping our cities around the world have joined us on Cities After… so now enjoy these new animations on YouTube, or continue to enjoy the show on your favorite podcast player.

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