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In this episode, Prof. Robles-Duran is joined by Leilani Farha, a Canadian human rights lawyer and Global Director of The Shift, to talk about the effects of the pandemic on housing markets. 

About our guest: Leilani Farha is a Canadian Human Rights lawyer and former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to housing, as well as the Global Director of The Shift. Her work is animated by  the principle that housing is a social good and not a commodity. Leilani has helped develop human rights standards on the right to housing through her topical reports on homelessness, the financialization of housing, informal settlements, right based housing strategies, and the first United Nations guidelines for the implementation of the right to housing. She is the central character in the documentary "The Push" regarding the financialization of housing, which is currently screening around the world. Leilani launched The Shift in 2017 with the UN office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights and the United Cities and local government.

Cities After... is a @Democracy At Work  production. Launched in May of 2021, it is a bi-monthly podcast about the future of cities; grounded in our daily urban struggles, it is part dystopian and part utopian. The intention is to entice civic imagination into action, because a more just and sustainable urban future is possible. A new episode is released every other Tuesday at 4pm EST.
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About our host: 

Miguel Robles-Durán is an urbanist with expertise in the design and analysis of complex urban systems and urban political-ecology. He is an associate professor of urbanism and director of the graduate urban programs at The New School / Parsons School of Design in New York City. Robles-Durán is a founding member of Urban Front, a transnational consultancy focused on helping progressive public and social sectors address critical urban issues including housing rights, environmental justice, public health, cultural action, sustainable infrastructure and political strategy.

Robles-Durán is also co-founder of Cohabitation Strategies (CohStra), a globally recognized nonprofit cooperative for socio-spatial design and development based in New York City and Rotterdam. CohStra has developed and designed over a dozen urban projects in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, merging popular and scientific knowledge to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the agents affecting urban areas and structuring transdisciplinary methods to catalyze grassroots led transformations.

Parallel to his work with Urban Front and CohStra, from 2014 to 2017, he also co-directed with David Harvey the National Center for the Right to the Territory (CENEDET) in the Republic of Ecuador. The work of Robles-Durán has been exhibited in numerous venues around the world, including The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), MAK Museum Vienna, La Biennale di Venezia, the Istanbul Design Biennial, the Shenzhen Biennial, Chicago Architecture Biennial, the Rotterdam Biennial and the Lisbon Architecture Triennial.


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