Cities After... Post-Pandemic Urbanization: Spectacles, Speculation & Tourism - Pt 2


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In today's podcast, Prof. Robles-Duran will continue to discuss Post-pandemic urbanization trends by taking a deep dive in the speculative global rent markets and their exacerbating social ills. For help with this, he is joined by Dr. Jaime Palomera from Barcelona’s radical research cooperative La Hidra who will help focus a conversation on a striking report that they published two months ago titled “The Social Impacts of the Rental Market”, done in collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Barcelona and the Institute of Government and Public Policy at the University of Barcelona.

Cities After... is a Democracy At Work  production. Launched in May of 2021, it is a bi-monthly podcast about the future of cities; grounded in our daily urban struggles, it is part dystopian and part utopian. The intention is to entice civic imagination into action, because a more just and sustainable urban future is possible. A new episode is released every other Tuesday at 4pm EST.
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About our guest: Dr. Jaime Palomera is an anthropologist with expertise on housing and urban change. He is the co-founder of the think tank La Hidra Cooperativa and researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy of the University of Barcelona. Palomera is a member of the Advisory Board for the Barcelona Housing Observatory, of Urban Front, and director of the Political Economy of Housing Program. He has done research on the political economy of Southern Europe, the dynamics of real estate and financial bubbles, the development of property and rental markets, the transformations of the construction sector, and urban inequality. He has provided policy reports for a variety of institutions, ranging from the European Research Council to the Barcelona City Council.

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