Our lives under capitalism

The struggles of people living under capitalism are always personal ones. Why does a worker quit a job? How could an eviction moratorium save lives? How can the economy lead to an instance of sexual violence? 

On Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Harriet Fraad puts the headlines into context of our economy and our lived, personal experiences of joy, struggle and community. To understand the effects of the economy on our personal lives, watch or listen to recent episodes on patriarchy, evictions, labor struggles and much more...

This fall, Dr. Harriet Fraad has dedicated her show to understanding the labor struggles that have made headlines around the world. By putting these headlines into the context of the average American life, Dr. Fraad explains the motivations of workers in today’s class struggle.

America is waking up… People are starting to say no. And they're starting to unite together. There are more strikes this year than any other year since 2001... We are essential, and we're not paid a living wage. We can't live on what we get, and we have a right to stand together and make changes."

Multiple episodes have been dedicated to understanding sexual violence

     (CONTENT WARNING // rape, sexual assault).

The United States leads the world in rape. Dr. Fraad takes on the difficult task of asking, “Why?”. On the show, we learn about the psychology of control and domination that capitalism encourages and how this leads to many instances of sexual violence. Using the high profile cases of Cuomo, Cosby, Weinstein & Epstein, Dr. Fraad explores how both patriarchy and capitalism’s class system work together.

“You can see the mutual shaping here of a system of patriarchy demoting women to a less than human status and capitalism using employer status on women to get them to sexually comply.”

This fall, the allowing of evictions during a pandemic showed the true face of our economy. Capitalism treats our human rights as commodities.

“This is an area where capitalism literally hits home, where we live. Capitalist housing market is actually a threat to life itself for 40 million Americans.”

Dr. Fraad’s understanding of psychology in the struggles of our society are more relevant than ever. If we can understand our personal connections to capitalism’s structure, we have more reason to fight for what we need.

“​​We're catching on in America that we are essential. We, who do the work of this society, we have the power. We are the essential workers, and we can change America to be a fair and honest place: a socialist place where workers are honored and recognized.”

Capitalism can never be a place for us to grow in all the healthiest personal ways, especially when the economy divides our communities. On Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad explains what can help us move forward into a healthier, socialist society.
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