Capitalism Hits Home: Political Right vs. Abortion Rights

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Control of women's reproduction is a common weapon in the hands of the Right Wing. In the episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Harriet Fraad breaks down the fight for reproductive rights by looking at abortion access and forced sterilization. These issues are fundamentally about class and control: forcing women to have unwanted pregnancies, denying immigrants and minorities the right to reproduce, keeping women out of the labor force and reliant on men, and dividing the masses so organization and unity is impossible.

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  • Jim Tracey
    commented 2022-04-17 14:18:06 -0400
    There is much I agree with you on in this podcast, and much that I would question.
    The deliberate sexualization and inculcated, active performance in the sexual act of male member into female reception point has also always been an element of class – and mass – control, part of historical cultural hegemony.
    I see almost zero analysis/critique of this in all the feminist, and others, discussion of abortion.
    “because if you’re looking after many children you don’t have time much time or energy for political activism [or career advancement]” – perhaps this ‘biological imperative’, a trap?, is why this world is in the sad state it is indeed in.
    What comes first, the ‘choice’, or the indoctrination ?

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