Capitalism Hits Home: Exchanging Sex for Money: The New Feminism? Cardi B's WAP Review

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In this first episode of Season 3 of CHH, Dr. Fraad and Julianna discuss 3 topics currently in the news: Trump knowledge of the dangers of COVID-19 and his decision to keep it from the public; wildfires sweeping the west coast; women in Mexico protest rape and abuse by taking over the Justice Department. Then Fraad and Forlano take on a major discussion of Cardi B's latest hit WAP and its cultural implications.

**Special Note: This episode is a re-uploaded version which edits out the use of the n-word. While it was a quote of Cardi B's lyrics, we recognize that we were less sensitive than we should have been in reading it aloud. Within the context of our total repudiations of racism, sexism, class bias and all other arbitrary divisions between people, we assumed that our use of that odious damaging word would be understood in the context of totally rejecting the racism it conveys. We are so sorry it conveyed the wrong message.
The previous version also included a clip of Cardi B's song. While we did not intent to edit this out, YouTube copyright blocks prevented us from uploading the new version. In order to republish the episode, we chose to edit out this clip as well. That is the only reason Cardi B's song was edited from this version. Once again, we want to apologize for any offense we may have caused and hope you will enjoy the discussions in the episode.

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