Capitalism Hits Home: The Socialist Feminist Way To Beat the NRA and Militarism

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On this week's CHH, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano take on the NRA and militarism. The massive well funded lobbying of the NRA, disguised as a non-profit, has paid for friendly lawmakers.We can change that and enact and enforce laws to spur connection and fight male violence. We can change the culture of violence from gun shows to the glorification of violence in the media. We can join the rest of the world in emphasizing peace and negotiation on every level. We know how to do it!

**A special note of gratitude to Julianna Forlano for her time, insights and important work on CHH. She will be greatly missed!

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2021-05-09 13:40:59 -0400
    A gun is as good or as bad as the person who uses it. I believe that that there should be more stringent background checks and control on the type of weapon’s sold. But your problem is in the increase of violence and mental instability / desperation, and the total elimination of guns in America will not solve our problem. In Europe we had accessible guns on the wall and no problems existed in how they were used. Those here in increasingly desperate states will use knives, ropes, poison, or whatever bludgeon instrument is handy. As good lazy capitalist we can even hire someone else on a credit plan. Now all joking aside, we have a problem in America and it is how we think. We tend to place a temporary band aid on all our various problems (as you suggest per our present political fashion) and creating more problems seems to be the only thing we are good at. Gun or plain violence is a symptom of a greater problem in our society and like terrorism it cannot be fought, but treated per cause and cured. Since psychiatry is the only medical science that does not have to show a cure to continue propagating its business we can place more hope in Zulu witch doctors or my grands evil eye ritual (no pun intended). Unlike the days of Freud and Jung who tried to study individual symptoms, it is now completely controlled and treated by the pharmaceutical industry with the collaboration of our good doctors, (knowledge confided to me by professionals). We need to at look the results of what we are imposing or doing to ourselves (social evolution) and the damage is telling, to everyone involved. The new social changes now demanded on the old instinctive animal may not work as some believed it would. Those who ignore this are simply wishful thinkers. Perhaps sociologists and civics professors can better understand and explain the problem than say just “behavioral specialists”. My question is also how much of todays broadly adopted feminism is actually misandry?

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