Weekly Roundup: April 5

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New this week: U.S. empire’s rise & fall, homeless shelter industrial complex, immigration & the working class, the U.S. dollar in trouble

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Economic Update: The Marxist Tradition

Prof. Wolff discusses the history and diversity of Marxist theories and practices that comprise the Marxist tradition. Wolff also explores why Marxism draws renewed interest globally now. Finally, a detailed examination shows how some basic insights from Marx's work are especially relevant to victims and critics of today's capitalism and especially to those who seek transition to another, better system. 

Wolff: “There are now two reasons why Marxism is being more and more returned to, revised, read, developed, celebrated. Two big reasons. There are many, but two big ones. One: the most successful economic growth of the last 35 years has happened in the People's Republic of China...And the second reason is that capitalism around the world is everywhere in trouble.”

Capitalism Hits Home: All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception

Dr. Fraad traces a brief history of the rise and fall of the American empire. Throughout much of the 20th century, the US was the dominant global power, with strong unions, social programs, and a strong currency. Today, our wealthiest people are barely taxed, social services are weak, hunger and poverty are worse than ever, and the dollar is losing its primacy. How did we get here? How can we face this shift in global power and move forward? Dr. Fraad explores these questions.

Fraad: “The way to destroy the left, which was responsible for the New Deal and for the defense of the New Deal, was through anti-Communist anti-communism, anti leftism, anti socialism, making those treason rather than political choice.”

Cities After… The Business of Homelessness

This is the first of a Cities After… series in which Prof. Robles-Durán will address the global homeless crisis from a number of angles. In this episode, Robles-Durán focuses on the systemic failure of governments, private-public partnerships and non-profit organizations in eradicating homelessness. This trifecta has spawned the contemporary extractive homeless industry that for decades has been profiting from the creation and preservation of this particular social misfortune.

Robles-Durán: “Our neoliberal governments have been subsidizing with public money the highly profitable private homeless industry that manages a human crisis that they themselves have created in their relentless and unconditional support for the predatory real estate machine and the global financial apparatus that backs it.”

Global Capitalism: The Broad-based, Continuing Assault on the Working Class

Prof Wolff explains the ongoing attack on the conditions of workers.

Wolff: “The system is organized to put the burdens of itself onto the mass of people and to keep those at the top rich and comfortable. But here's the big challenge. There is in the United States, a coming together of the critics of capitalism who've always been there and the victims of capitalism."

Ask Prof Wolff: Is the U.S. Dollar in Trouble?

A supporter of Democracy at Work asks: "I'd love to hear your thoughts on what a world looks like if the US dollar loses its primacy. What does the "economy" look like in the USA? Will there be a huge collapse?" This is Professor Richard Wolff's video response. To learn how to ask your own questions to Prof Wolff, click here.

Wolff: “The value of the dollar in relationship to other currencies is therefore likely going to fall in the years ahead… It will shift our economy around. Those shifts are always difficult. They may, if they're not properly prepared for, not properly managed for, produce a crisis.”


Ask Prof Wolff: How Capitalism Distorts The Immigration Issue

A supporter of Democracy at Work asks: "What do you think about the left's view of immigration and why do you think that seems to be the consensus view? Why are most on the left so in support of immigration when it’s clear the working class seem to be rejecting it?" This is Professor Richard Wolff's video response. To learn how to ask your own questions to Prof Wolff, click here.

Wolff: “The problem of immigration turns out to have behind it the real problem: capitalists make money. What the social consequences are (more immigration, less immigration, more job exports, less job exports, more automation) all of that's decided as a strategic decision aimed at profit maximization.”

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