Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - a Capitalism Hits Home Special Live Event

Epstein: A Capitalist Saga - Capitalism Hits Home Special Live Event

with Dr. Harriet Fraad and Julianna Forlano

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at 7:30 PM

Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall
Washington Square, Manhattan
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work and Judson Memorial Church

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Dr. Harriet Fraad, host of Capitalism Hits Home is joined by radio and tv personality Julianna Forlano for a special CHH event. Dr. Fraad talks about what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, how and why it could happen and the question of justice.

Dr Harriet Fraad is a Mental Health Counselor and Hypnotherapist in private practice in New York City. She writes and speaks on the intersection of politics, economics and personal life in the USA. Her podcast, Capitalism Hits Home, is produced by Democracy at Work. She appears as a regular guest on Economic Update’s 100 radio stations as well as on Act TV, from 9-12 AM Monday through Thursday. She appears regularly on Women’s Spaces on WBBK, Sonoma County and North San Francisco, and MK Mendoza, on KSFR, New Mexico. Her latest written work appears in Knowledge, Class and Economics. NY: Routledge 2019. Dr. Fraad was a founding mother of the Women’s Liberation Movement in New Haven, CT. Her work can be found on her website, harrietfraad.com.

Julianna Forlano is a Senior Correspondent for act.tv covering protests and political activism. Julianna writes and performs live and multi-media political and socially conscious comedy. Follower her on twitter @juliannaforlano.

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