Economic Update: A System Broken

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This week on Economic Update, Professor Richard D. Wolff provides updates on doctors in the U.S. getting paid for prescribing fentanyl, why deficits are a non-issue, how tobacco companies perpetuate the cigarette problem, the big corporations battling over net neutrality, a German city denying food to starving non-German citizens, Trump vs Stormy Daniels and the pay discrimination against women.

The second half of the show features an interview with Ken Byrne on the Conway School’s successful transition to a school run by its staff.

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Ken Byrne is the Academic Director (and one of the co-directors) of the Conway School, a small ten-month graduate program in sustainable planning and design, in western Massachusetts. As a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he worked with economic geographer Julie Graham and the Community Economies Collective to research and write about alternative economic practices in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

For more information on the Conway School, please visit their website: www.csld.edu

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