Economic Update: China: Capitalist, Socialist or What?

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On this week's episode, Prof. Wolff talks about the Chinese economy. China is run by a Communist Party but describes itself as socialist, while the employer/employee structure of its enterprises is capitalist. We examine what this means for (a) its place in the world economy, (b) its place in the transition from capitalism to socialism/communism, and (c) its conflict with the US.

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"Richard Wolff in his new book examines frightening and anti-democratic configurations of corporate power, offering not only a blueprint for how we got here, but a plan for how we will rescue ourselves and create new models of economic and political justice.” - Chris Hedges

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  • Dwight Clark
    commented 2020-08-25 12:38:17 -0400
    Greetings Professor Wolff and Associates, Greece Rome Europe- Aset, Infant nation here England 13 Colonies little horn pulling up 3 horns over with- Britexit this Country, Now ready as Magical birth of Heru the Younger, Son of Osiris, to grow up and marry thier Mother Aset- Political, Economic and Cultural…Professor you have amazing staying power but do not let that be used against the better possibilities, capturing them at the level you realize. Im not so easily captured, Your Mother..The Acorn, Now your Mothers await your success! Youve gained an additional Asset- Ha Ha! Monopolies not the problem..This country needs to gain manufacturing rights to new Russian Vacine- No nanos, no chips..2 shots, 2 year protection. My hope is that you will advocate for this. Navies in So. China Sea taken out in 1-3 hours, they know this, pushed China out from behind Great Wall w Soviet threat to nuke, Nixon open door, A.I. will process this as a opportunity to go nuke. Rapid process with Aset necessary. Putin being diminished with 2 ndary Siberian Tiger, pres in hiding because the Russians are pissed, The KGB jew…2 ndary Hu Lin realized from Bada Boom Beirut schemes, The Tiger Growls, The Putin falls.

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