Economic Update: Ecosocialism

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[S9 E2]

On this week’s episode of Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on the New York City council’s vote on a minimum wage for ride-hailing drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc.), 85% of the goods made for the Trump store are made abroad, charter school teachers strike in Chicago, contradictions in the U.S./China trade war and VW begins the end of petrol fueled car production with an all electric fleet of personal vehicles to further evade the growing need for mass public transit. 

The second half of the show features an interview with Victor Wallis, the author of Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism.

Victor Wallis is the author of Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism, published this year by Political Animal Press in Toronto. He teaches political science in the Liberal Arts department at the Berklee College of Music (in Boston). He was for 20 years the managing editor of Socialism and Democracy. His website is

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