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In this week’s show, Prof. Wolff  presents updates on dying empires and climate crisis; mass shootings; fast-food mega-corps fund referendum to slow California plan to raise fast food workers wages and working conditions, and why the debt ceiling debate in Congress is a phony GOP-Dem political theater. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Aaron Maté, independent US media critic with special expertise on Russia.


  • 00:00 - 01:19 - Introduction
  • 01:20 - 04:44 - Climate care
  • 04:45 - 07:57 - Secret Service reports on mass shootings
  • 07:58 - 10:11 - Fast-food restaurants wages
  • 10:12 - 14:31 - Debt ceiling theatrics
  • 14:32 - 28:25 - Interview with Aaron Maté
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About our guest: Aaron Maté is a journalist who hosts Pushback with Aaron Maté on The Grayzone, co-hosts Useful Idiots with Katie Halper, and writes at In 2019, he was awarded the Izzy Award (named after I.F. Stone) for outstanding achievement in independent media for his coverage of Russiagate in The Nation magazine.


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  1. Climate care:

  2. Secret Service reports on mass shootings in US:

  3. Fast-food restaurants wages:

  4. Debt ceiling theatrics:,to%20pay%20down%20its%20debt.


Showing 2 comments

  • Sonny Wiehe
    commented 2023-03-12 12:52:02 -0400
    R.E: Independent Media,

    The professor pretends there has been an explosion of independent media that promotes and engages the public in, as Aaron references, an “intelligent debate”. There hasn’t. Sure there are various Substack publications by independent journalists and forums like Economic Update here by Richard Wolf, but they are small political and social silos in my opinion. They are destined to remain so because the folks like Wolf, Hedges, and Mate, do not engage their audience in that debate or dialogue. Ever. Same as main stream media. Odd coincidence, don’t you think?
  • Sonny Wiehe
    commented 2023-03-12 12:31:42 -0400
    R.E: the debt ceiling.

    The professor pretends that the rich loan to the government and the rest of the people do not…because “they don’t have the money”. “End of story” he says. It’s not. The rest of the people may not have the money, but they have the power in a functioning Republic. They could demand that the government pay their debts every year in the form of demanding a Constitutional Amendment that there be a annual Federal Balanced Budget . They don’t; because nobody talks about demanding it. If you don’t talk about, or otherwise visualize this goal, it will never happen. Any motivational speaker talking about reaching one’s goals knows this. The professor, most interestingly, ignores this part of the story by not talking about it. Makes you wonder what side he is really on while publishing EU.

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