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On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Congress Bills H.R.51 giving statehood to Washington, DC, and H.R.1 countering GOP efforts to restrict voting; and Biden's tax reforms to help pay for new and expanded government programs. In the second half of the program, Wolff interviews Prof. Michael Hillard on the role of labor in the dramatic rise and fall of Maine's paper industry, a parable for the economic difficulties facing the US today.

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About our guest: Michael Hillard is Professor of Economics at the University of Southern Maine. He has published widely in the fields of labor relations, labor and working–class history, and the political economy of labor and capitalism. He is author of Shredding Paper: Labor and The Rise and Fall of Maine’s Mighty Paper Industry, newly published in December 2020 by Cornell University Press’s ILR Press imprint. His essay, “Labor at Mother Warren,” won the Labor History’s “Best Essay, U.S. Topic” prize for 2004; his article “Capitalist Class Agency and the New Deal Order,” co-authored with Richard McIntyre (University of Rhode Island) won the Review of Radical Political Economics Best Essay award for 2013. Dr. Hillard regularly provides expert testimony in Maine on macroeconomic and employment issues affecting working people.

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