Economic Update: Progressive Social Media Surges in Canada

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On the first half of this week's episode, Prof. Wolff presents a critique of pandemic eviction and updates on: the real US unemployment costs, Denmark sides with Germany against US pressure, China's successes, and lastly, why there has been no economic recovery in the US. On the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Lance of The Serfs, host of a major Canadian left-wing podcast.

About our guest: Lance and Dave of the Serfs met in University and began a podcast. It grew into a YouTube channel making breadtube style leftist video essays about right wing reactionaries. In April 2019 their channel was taken down with no strikes after being mass flagged by what they believe were alt-right trolls. A grassroots campaign involving The Majority Report, The Michael Brooks Show, Hasan Piker, Carlos Maza, Hbomberguy, ShoeOnHead, and many others began to restore it. On April 3rd YouTube officially apologized on twitter, restored our channel, and we got a massive streisand effect from it. Since then the Serfs have grown to have the most popular Canadian political stream on Twitch and have two successful YouTube channels as well as a podcast on Patreon.

we are serfs dot com, weareserfs.com




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Showing 2 comments

  • Maria Carnemolla-Mania
    commented 2020-10-22 10:38:02 -0400
    Dear Ben, we completely agree that we are living through very challenging and unprecedented times. We share your upset and disappointment about this system as a whole. Luckily the ideas, criticisms, and proposals for change that we try to explain and advocate are finding friends, supporters, and like-minded people in fast-growing numbers. We love the work we do and even more the many other voices developing the guiding inspirations for the change that is coming.

    In solidarity,

    Rick Wolff and the d@w team
  • Benjamin Schroeder
    commented 2020-10-22 08:38:41 -0400
    Professor Wolff,
    I feel that the world is entering a “period of darkness” that may last a decade or more which is going to affect all of us on this planet. COVID-19, climate change, the environment which continues to be degraded, resources that are being gobbled up at an alarming rate, states and country’s that are in turmoil due to the increased deterioration of the social foundations of work, of family, and of life as we know it is reaching a crises point in the months or years ahead.
    In a year 2019/2020 that is nearly behind us, too much is upon the USA and the world that as one writer has put it so nicely, “we (civilization) have overshot the Earth’s carrying capacity back in August 2020”. The pandemic and climate change are both relentless and hard to get our hands around. This is going to require personal sacrifices, behavior modification, and collective action by individuals, families, states, nations, and the world.

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