Economic Update: The Rational and Irrational in Anti-Vaxxers

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On this week's show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on the complexities of anti-vaccination movements, the long decline of religion in US capitalism, Disneys’s shift to serve the richest, lessons from AFL-CIO chief Richard Trumka's leadership, and failures of GOP, Dem leaders to stop last 75 years of decline of manufacturing in the US economy (driven by corporate profitability).

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Showing 4 comments

  • Riched hed
    commented 2022-09-21 08:48:34 -0400
  • Joanna Rosinska
    commented 2021-09-15 16:05:02 -0400
    William Plummer, obviously you too have done your independent research. Thank you for posting this comment. We have a few examples in the world (Israel, vs developing countries) to draw conclusions about the desease, remedies and vaccination effects. All illustrating profiting from peoples fear and illness. Pleasure to correspond with you.
  • William Plummer
    commented 2021-09-15 14:04:56 -0400
    Regarding Vaccine Hesitancy:
    1. Please note that Covid-19 was found to be easily curable within a couple of weeks after it became an issue in the US. Hydoxychloioquine + zinc, ivermectin + zinc, quercetin + zinc, adequate doses of vitamin D, nebulized hydrogen peroxide (1% solution or so), high doses intravenous vitamin C, and other cures were all readily available but were suppressed as “disinformation” in favor of letting many people die while using the “standard of care” - which meant waiting to see whether the patient became severely ill, then ventilating them and watching most of those die.
    2. Early studies showed that roughly 80% of the US population was already immune to corona-viruses due to previous infections.
    3. Ridiculously unscientific policies such as mask-wearing, destruction of many people’s livelihood, and lockdowns of a healthy population indicated that an agenda other than people’s well-being was clearly at work.
    4. The experimental vaccine was very poorly tested and results were kept from the public. It was called 95% “effective” based on a decrease in cases in the vaccinated group vs the control group of 0.6%, and “safe” without any long-term testing and with serious safety concerns in the short animal-tests.
    5. The vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the disease, nor does it stop people from catching the disease; it merely “decreases the severity.”
    6. The CDC’s VAERS system indicates that the vaccine has caused over 14,000 deaths in the US. It’s important to note that extensive studies by the CDC have shown that VAERS only reports about 1% of the cases of vaccine-injuries. That implies that many, many more people have died from the vaccines than from the disease.
    7. Also of note is that some eminent scientists believe that vaccinating billions of people during a pandemic dramatically increases the likelihood that the virus will mutate to dodge the vaccine’s effects.
    Studies indicating that 60% of those vaccinated are suffering “micro-blood clots” and a June 17th report in the New England Journal of Medicine that 82% of pregnant women vaccinated in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy suffered miscarriages, are also concerning.
  • Joanna Rosinska
    commented 2021-09-15 13:13:01 -0400
    With a great respect to prof Wolf, I think a voice of the inventor of the mRNA vaccine should be considered. He is not agreeing with mass vaccination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwPKnOhJRYg

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