Economic Update Season 12 So Far!

Thanks to you, our dedicated audience, we are now approaching halfway through our 12th season of Economic Update with Richard Wolff, a weekly program that takes complex economic issues and makes them understandable in our everyday lives.

Catch up with this season’s episodes that explain some key elements of our economy (inflation, markets or fascism) and the struggles to make our economy better, whether it's about war, jobs, housing, political movements, and more. Read more about this season’s topics and find links to Economic Update episodes on YouTube or your favorite podcast player. 

Of the 20 episodes so far this season, Prof Wolff has dedicated four in name to the rising labor movement. Watch episodes featuring Amazon Labor Union organizer Chris Smalls, strike tracker and reporter Mike Elk, author of ‘On The Clock’ Emily Guendelsberger and activist Aviva Chomsky. These leading authors and activists in the labor world keep you up to date on today’s class struggles. 

Other key issues for this season include the sinister housing industry and its relationship to capitalism, the war in Ukraine’s history and economics, and building a progressive political movement with emotion and diversity to counter pandemic profiteers. 

And some episodes are timeless insights from Prof Wolff into our economy. He shares what you need to know about fascism, that dangerous combination of capitalists and the state, especially how it forms and if that might form in the United States. Due to skyrocketing prices, Wolff dedicated an episode into what inflation is and how today’s markets are a major contributor to it. Finally, he explains the delusions of today’s capitalism and why Marxism is a key to understanding our modern economic problems. And where would we go? The episode “The Socialism Issue” lays out the case for socialism today in clear terms, especially for those in the U.S. who haven’t learned found this option out of capitalism’s collapse. 

As always, we make Economic Update as a way to intervene in the mainstream conversation about our economy, politics and social lives. By understanding capitalism and its fundamental structures on this show, we hope you can bring a new perspective and sense of hope to your life, your loved ones and communities. Thank you for listening to and sharing the word about Economic Update.

Producing Economic Update has always depended on audience donations. To help us grow, please consider donating to Democracy at Work with a monthly gift. Our monthly supporters are invaluable to us, in that they allow us to plan for the future, and commit to bringing you more Economic Update. Thank you.

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  • Carole Oleniuk
    followed this page 2022-05-31 10:37:26 -0400
  • a.hall
    commented 2022-05-29 15:18:20 -0400
    America is $27 Trillion in Debt; mostly to the Federal Reserve ? Our UK Government holds £435 Billion in US Treasury Bonds,; which is as much as our Yearly Budget, The US Fed is Priniting Greenbacks with No Collateral ? America runs the World Banking System and Sanctions Nations like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela ;who it can not Bribe ,Bully, Invade or Replace their Democratically Elected Governments. If World Peace broke out the US would be Bankrupt in 5 Years.
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