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On this week's EU, Prof. Wolff presents updates on costs of NBA offense to China, worsening global inequality, poverty mocks Nobel prize for 3 economists working on "incremental solutions" to poverty, why Google donated to global warming deniers, and latest crisis in defaults on US auto loans. 

The second half of the show features an interview with Richard Hobbs, Human Agenda Director, San Jose, CA, expert on worker co-ops.

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Richard Hobbs is an immigrant rights attorney and the Executive Director of Human Agenda in Silicon Valley.  He is also a member of the South Bay Progressive Alliance and Democratic Socialists of America. He has a Master’s degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he studied dialectical and historical materialism for five years, and a law degree from Golden Gate University.  He is the organizer of Emulation Tours to Cuba in January 2020, and to Mondragon, Spain in July 2020, to highlight the benefits of worker-owned cooperatives.

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