Economic Update: U.S. Labor Crisis Deepens

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On this week's all new Economic Update, Prof. Wolff discusses the Federal Reserve's pro-inflation policy's causes and effects, professional athletes and "dual power," more state-monopoly capitalism in the US, and Denmark vs US on Covid-19 battle. On the second half of the show, Prof. Wolff interviews journalist Bob Hennelly on the US labor crisis.

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  • Steve Greenberg
    commented 2020-09-07 20:44:21 -0400
    If Richard Wolff believes that there is an overhanging problem for our society because of what the Fed is doing, then he really does not understand Modern Moeny Theory. I like Richard Wolff, so I will listen to the rest of what he says, but I will discount it rather heavily.
  • Dana Hegna
    commented 2020-09-07 14:48:45 -0400
    Thank you, sirs, for yourselves. It’s a tough row to hoe…

    “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.”
    - Mark Twain

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