Everyone can learn from Ask Prof Wolff

When you get the right teacher, it is an absolute pleasure to ask them a question and learn from their response. Prof Wolff’s digital classroom is far too large for him to be able to answer everyone, but we have a way for him to answer questions that we all can benefit from.

Our Ask Prof Wolff series features short 5 - 10 minute videos in which Prof Wolff answers audience questions on a wide variety of topics. In 2020, you asked questions about socialist theory and practice, timely news events, how worker co-ops work, and more. Prof Wolff responded with an impressive 85 video responses. We are so grateful to him for regularly spending his precious and highly sought-after time to answer these questions from his digital classroom.

We wanted to share with you the top 5 most popular Ask Prof Wolff videos from last year:

  1. AskProfWolff: The World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" Isn't One
  2. AskProfWolff: Socialism in Venezuela
  3. AskProfWolff: COVID-19 and the Stock Market
  4. AskProfWolff: A Critique of Robert Reich
  5. AskProfWolff: "Socialism With Chinese Characteristics"

Economic Update would not be possible without the support of its Patreon community. As a show of thanks, we currently only select Ask Prof Wolff questions from Economic Update Patrons, but we don’t keep the answers a secret. These short videos are publicly available on our YouTube channel and website so that everyone can learn from both the question and the answer.

Do you have a question for Prof Wolff? Sign up to the Economic Update page on Patreon and send us your question either by a Patreon message, or by posting it on the Patreon Community Board.

Already a Patron? Thank you so much for supporting Economic Update and keep your questions coming.

Unable to support the show at this time? We understand and we encourage you to look through the Ask Prof Wolff playlist which already has over 120 videos. We try to choose questions that are asked frequently so your question may have already been answered.

Currently, Prof Wolff is on track to answer even more questions in 2021, averaging about two video responses a week. Keep a lookout on our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications of new, insightful, and easy to share videos. 


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  • Balraj Cheema
    commented 2021-04-11 11:52:48 -0400
    The message that Marx brought to humanity has not ceased flowing through the veins of working men and women; Richard Wolff has taken up and forcefully continuing to help deliver the massage for the benefit of millions.
  • Liz Phillips
    published this page in Updates 2021-03-25 05:06:29 -0400

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