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Ask Prof Wolff: Inflation's Risks


A patron of Economic Update asks: "If there is a relationship between inflation and the capacity of a country to absorb newly printed money, how do international markets affect inflation since dollars are used around the world and some of the new money would make it to the world in general? Is the dollar less prone to inflation because dollars are used around the world? If so, is there a measure of inflation resistance for different currencies to get an idea where the dollar stands vs other currencies?"



Capitalism Hits Home: The American Family

[S3 E28] New

Where did our family form come from and how is it doing now? This episode of Capitalism Hits Home looks at what is happening in America's families...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: Keynesianism of the 1960s

[S3 E12] New

In this part 4 of 4, Prof. Harvey talks about the economic evolution of the 1960s and the suburbanization of America...



Ask Prof Wolff: Defining Historical and Dialectical Materialism

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Can you breakdown historical materialism and dialectics...



All Thing Co-op: The Eva Cooperative

[S4 E07] New

In this episode of All Things Co-op, Cinar and Kevin talk with Dardan Isufi, the Chief Operating Officer of the Eva Cooperative, a rideshare...



Economic Update: How US Capitalism Uses Nationalism

[S11 E17] New

From 1945 to 1990 we were told a great struggle pitted capitalism against socialism/communism (chiefly the USSR and China). Yet still today, US leaders demonize Russia and China...



Ask Prof Wolff: Capitalism and Racism

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Hi Professor Wolff, I was wondering if you could discuss the link between racism and capitalism in the United States and the...



Capitalism Hits Home: The Socialist Feminist Way To Beat the NRA and Militarism

[S3 E27] New

On this week's CHH, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano take on the NRA and militarism. The massive well funded lobbying of the NRA, disguised as a non-profit, has paid for friendly lawmakers. We can...


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