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Global Capitalism: September 2023

[September 2023] New

In this episode, Professor Wolff discusses the resurging US labor movement, highlighting its recent prominence in sectors such as Starbucks, medicine, and autoworkers. He explores the underlying reasons for this resurgence, labor's objectives and strategies, its political partnerships, and the enduring debate between capitalism and socialism within the movement.

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Economic Update: Profit & Inequality: Two Driving Forces of Capitalism

[ S13 E34 ] New

Updates on economists favoring rent control, leading global capitalists resent/resist US's China-bashing, urgent drug shortages in US and a public pharma industry. Major discussion of causes of rising US economic inequality since 1960s and its socially explosive political effects.

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Economic Update: Today's Class Struggles with Chris Hedges

[S13 E25] New

Updates on US small/medium businesses converting to worker coops, strikes at west coast ports and UPS, an employer uses fake priest to get workers' confessions for employers' use, Delaware allows businesses to vote in local elections (alongside individuals). Interview Chris Hedges on class struggles here and now.

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Global Capitalism: July 2023

[July 2023] New

In this lecture, Prof. Wolff discusses the why private Capitalism makes that turn; why state Capitalism makes that turn; will the authoritarian state save or end Capitalism? (United States vs. China) Along with Socialism and the Authoritarian State.

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Capitalism Hits Home: Alternative Family Structures are Not New

[S6 E11] New

Socialist visions of communal shared domestic labor and child rearing have existed in the past and exist in the present. In 1917 following the Russian Revolution the government changed the rules and created a domestic revolution. At the turn of the century in the United States over 200 large and established socialist communes existed. Domestic revolution was then considered a valuable means of revolutionary change.

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Economic Update: Capitalism's Costly Contradictions

[S13 E24] New

Updates on real US unemployment problem; Congress betrays students on student debt issue; huge majorities polled support US teachers, increased teachers pay, teachers' freedoms to teach about race, and teachers' power vs boards of education and state governors, importance of ILWU strike shutting down west coast seaports. Major discussions of capitalism's contradictions around (1) capitalists forever "saving on labor costs,"and (2) capitalists celebrating self-correcting markets."

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Ask Prof Wolff: The Many Interpretations of Marx

Patron of Democracy at Work asks: "I wrote an email response to someone who had a lot of strange ideas about Marx and all of the purported evil done in his name. He and others seem to hold Marx personally responsible for the crimes of Pol Pot, Stalin...

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Economic Update: Varoufakis' Critique of Capitalism Today

[S13 E18] New

Yanis Varoufakis, elected member Greek parliament, joins Prof. Wolff on this week's show and offers his original, critical perspectives on (1) the banking crisis, (2) the decline of the US empire and US capitalism, (3) the mass uprisings of the French and Greek working classes in Europe, (4) the collapse...

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Ask Prof Wolff: The True Cost of Sanctions

Patron of Democracy at Work asks: "Are sanctions, which are detrimental to ordinary citizens, in some cases justified in order to try to pressure...

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Capitalism Hits Home: BRICS & The End of US Dominance

[S6 E09] New

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad discusses the decline of the American empire, both globally and domestically. After WWII, the US was the only industrialized nation that stood strong, helping it ascend to global dominance. Today, however, the world order is shifting. The BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is extremely powerful and widespread, with over 19 more countries hoping to...

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