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Economic Update: The System Implodes: Amazon, Evictions, Tax Abuses, and Minimum Wages


[S11 E08] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses Amazon's profits; New York state's eviction crisis and capitalism's reproduction of poverty and inequality; New York's stock...



AskProfWolff: Worker Co-ops and Expansion

A patron of Economic Update asks: "One of the challenges of worker cooperatives growing seems to be that worker cooperatives are not as interested in expansion as their capitalist...



Capitalism Hits Home: Texas's Energy Disaster: A Crisis of Capitalism

[S3 E20] New

In this part 1 of an 8-part series on capitalist commodification, Dr. Fraad and Prof. Forlano talk about the importance of heat and electricity. They discuss the devastation and the loss of...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: China's Economic Rise - Part 1

[S3 E07] New

This part 1 of 2 episodes is a compilation of 3 of Prof. Harvey's most popular shows. Harvey explains the rise and significance of China as...



AskProfWolff: Marxism and the Slogan "Abolish Billionaires"

A patron of Economic Update asks: "Marxist activist and revolutionary Caleb Maupin claims that the slogan "Abolish Billionaires" is anti-Marxist, and that Marxism means...



All Things Co-op: Envisioning a Cooperative Society

[S4 E02] New

In this episode of All Things Co-op Larry, Cinar, and Kevin attempt to answer the often asked question for anti-capitalists - “What does your future society look like?” While one version of a post-capitalist society...



Economic Update: Why Capitalism Reproduces Inequality and a Solution

[S11 E07] New

The extreme economic inequalities of both global and US capitalism are not new or exceptional. Capitalism reproduces inequality and repeatedly blocks or reverses redistribution...



AskProfWolff: Why Rising Wages Do Not Necessarily Mean Price Increases

A patron of Economic Update asks: "There is an argument that states "if worker wages rise, the owner/board of directors will pass off the cost to the consumer which offsets...


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