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Ask Prof Wolff: Student Debt & Inflation


Patron of Economic Update asks: "Prof Wolff, can you explain the relationship between debt and inflation? Would canceling $1.7 trillion in student debt cause inflation to...



Cities After…Urban Ecology, Dialectical Thinking, and Climate Change - Pt. 1

[S02 E10] New

In this episode of Cities After…, Prof. Robles-Durán introduces a summer series on climate change, urban ecology, and its dialectical origins. It is essential to first differentiate how urban ecology should be understood in contrast to...




Economic Update: Is the US Facing Another Civil War?

[S12 E23] New

In this week's show, Prof Wolff discusses the stale old debate (competition vs monopoly) and which to blame for inflation; unionization drives across US campuses, and Eastern Kentucky University in particular; how US stores manage inflation; and Elon Musk...



Ask Prof Wolff: How Robotized Jobs Can Help or Hurt Workers

Patron of Economic Update asks: "I have a question regarding Robots and AI. What happens to using the workplace instead of the state when there are no jobs for 80 percent of the people, no place to...



Capitalism Hits Home: America's Problem With Mass Shootings - An Analysis of Uvalde

[S5 E12] New

**CW: This episode discusses mass murder and school shootings.**

In this episode of Capitalism Hits Home, Dr. Fraad looks at mass shootings in the US and in particular the most recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. She examines the psychological, emotional, political, and economic reasons the US...



Ask Prof Wolff: Top Down or Bottom Up - Proudhon vs. Marx

Patron of Economic Update asks: "The strategy of [email protected] regarding changing society is, as far as I understand, to build a movement bottom up from cooperatives to network of cooperatives. I live in France and there was an important person, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who favored that approach. He was in strong opposition to Marx’s more aggressive approach and had some influence in the ideas of the participants in the adventure of the french commune. It would be interesting to...



All Things Co-op: Federation of Southern Cooperatives with Terence Courtney

[S06 E07] New

In this episode of All Things Co-op, Cinar, Larry, and Kevin talk with Terence Courtney, the Director of Cooperative Development & Strategic Initiatives at the Federation of Southern Cooperatives, an organization focused on land retention, cooperative development, and advocacy for small black-owned farms in the Southern...



Economic Update: The System is the Problem

[S12 E22] New

In this week's show, Prof. Wolff talks about insurers defrauding pensions, record highway deaths, inflation and risk, interest rate rises, Massachusetts to vote on millionaires tax...


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