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Ask Prof Wolff: Democratic Workplaces, Democratic Residences


A patron of Economic Update asks: "I was surprised to learn about the prevalence of farming cooperatives in Rojava. I would love to hear your thoughts on the compatibility of worker coop economies...



All Things Co-op: Co-ops and Their Organizations

[S4 E06] New

In this episode of ATC, Kevin, Larry and Cinar talk about the organizations that represent cooperatives in the US and their political reticence to be anti-capitalist. They discuss...



Economic Update: Workers Successfully Take Over their Workplaces

[S11 E15] New

On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses how the US home rental market is failing over 20% of all renters, and the basic flaws in Biden's...


Ask Prof Wolff: Wages in a Communist System

A patron of Economic Update asks: "In communism those who contribute most to society receive the most in return (ie. the fruits of their labor), and those who contribute less get less. How does...



Capitalism Hits Home: Should Andrew Cuomo Be Impeached?

[S3 E25] New

The movement to impeach New York's Governor Cuomo raises complex issues. Cuomo's sexually inappropriate gestures towards 10 of the women he employed, does not match the rape and...



Ask Prof Wolff: Comment on Modern Monetary Theory

A patron of Economic Update asks: "What is the Marxist take on Modern Monetary Theory...



Economic Update: Marxism's Ongoing Relevance

[S11 E14] New

After clearing away the Cold War debris that blocked discussion of Marxism's insights since 1945, we focus on Marxism's core contribution to (1) thinking about and (2) changing modern...



Capitalism Hits Home: Caring: The Crucial Infrastructure of Human Life

[S3 E24] New

Biden's 2 trillion dollar "American Jobs Plan" includes  a $400 billion dollar commitment to support America's care economy. This plan lifts the salaries of America's badly underpaid domestic workers...


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