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An audience member of Ask Prof Wolff LIVE asks: "Fascism is when the state and corporations merge, so why isn’t the system that China has considered fascist? Is it fascist, is it not?"

Prof Wolff answered this question during a live Ask Prof Wolff event.

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  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2022-12-07 21:51:45 -0500
    Are Martians Fascist?
    Having listened to Orson Wells radio broadcast I would say definitely yes!

    Nazism eliminated Worker Unions, Fascism developed them in industries where they previously never existed using appointed party members bent on supporting them (Steel, etc.)
    Mussolini did work with capitalism or industry rather than eliminate it, (per Marx’s own philosophy who understood the need for industrialization) but he never quoted that “fascism is a merger of state and corporate power” in any speech or written literature, as advertised by today’s many unknown internet sources or Anglo historians. (Reflection, -Guzziferno)
    Those who brought you the workers revolution suppressed and oppressed the workers, worker Unions, and every other worker rights to the point of slavery in Lenin’s Russia with deadly consequences in the form of public executions for strikers and protesters. This after having destroyed skilled industrial management and their economy. (unlike Fascism [ Italy])

    FDR supported strikers, but not always. Hoover sent General George Patton to attack WW1 ex- veteran strikers in D.C. with cavalry and then burned their camp sites.
    Reagan forced air traffic controller’s back to work and when they refused fired them and left them to their fate.
    Joe Biden just forced striking railroad workers back to the job, (one should research as to why)
    etc. etc. etc.
    If this is fascism perhaps Mussolini was the only one here who wasn’t a fascist?

    Germany and Italy became a dictatorial alliance, the Nazi’s used the fascist example in Italy to win their people and government 11 years after, but their doctrines, philosophies and actions differed greatly, one should read them and detailed history to understand the differences.
    (In “The Mysteries of Fascism”, David Ramsay Steele explained: ―Fascism began as a revision of Marxism by Marxists. The fascist doctrine clearly predicts the new era as the century of the left. Earlier Mussolini launched a theoretical Marxist journal, Utopia. Two of his collaborators on Utopia went on to found the Italian Communist Party. Another helped found the German Communist Party.)
    (References for the above information can be provided upon request.)

    And now China?
    Which has also FORCED its working middle class into shutdowns which have probably saved them from 5 million added covid deaths, added to their present 6,000, based on our own respective numbers.
    Are they fascist? ………… Definitely!

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