All Things Co-op: An Interview with Patrick Conlon of WORCS

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In this episode of All Things Co-op, Larry and Kevin talk to Patrick Conlon of Worker Ownership Resources and Cooperative Services, otherwise known as WORCS.

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 All Things Co-op

About our guest: Patrick Conlon got his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton. Patrick has owned and operated service based businesses over the last decade and noticed that traditional business structures limited the options for rewarding his employees if they made valuable contributions. He got interested in Worker Cooperatives by listening to Dr. Richard Wolff in 2013 which inspired him to bring him to Orange County, Ca to a speaking engagement. During the pandemic he created the concept of Shopcoop.coop to help support the growth of existing worker cooperatives as well as to use the surplus to help knew cooperatives succeed.

About WORCS: WORCS was founded in 2010 by Dr. Lisabeth Ryder, a lifelong labor activist who has been involved in the worker cooperative movement since the early 1970s. WORCS seeks to become a catalyst in the building of the cooperative sector by creating spaces where like minded people can meet, give introduction on what worker cooperatives are and why they are beneficial, help groups find institutions to get loans or methods of raising capital, give prospective worker-owners access to professionals when complex decisions need to be made, and offer services that will become vital in America’s economic transition into a 21st century economy.

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