Ask Prof Wolff: Athenian Democracy & Capitalist Propaganda

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Patron of Economic Update asks: "I noticed that in the Merriam-Webster dictionary result on Google Search for the word Marxism it listed antonyms as democracy, self-governance, self-government, self-rule. This seems very off and yet it comes from such a reputable source. Marxism is not by any stretch the opposite of democracy unless it’s hijacked and distorted e.g. Stalin, Mao, etc. Why is the number one dictionary on the number one search engine continuing to say Marxism is the opposite of democracy?"

This is Professor Richard Wolff's video response.

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  • Craig Daniels
    commented 2022-09-07 13:35:11 -0400
    Prof Wolff’s presentations and answers are refreshingly clear, simple and on point —unlike doctrinaire Marxist chatter I remember from the past. This answer moves us along to another question: in an ever more technological and environmentally threatened democracy, what of voter competence —in the workplace as well as in the normal civic franchise? Should there be some test of understanding —before a person (say) votes in favor of expanding nuclear power?
  • Pasqual DiGesu
    commented 2022-09-07 12:45:16 -0400
    Very true

    In addition there is this famous quote;
    “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy”.

    So, — “Why is the number one dictionary on the number one search engine continuing to say Marxism is the opposite of democracy?”
    Because as the professor hinted, we are not a democracy and what you expect from our system or present society cannot be provided honestly, since our system is tainted as badly as previous bad systems of government and their social structures of the past.

    You may find earlier perspectives found in encyclopedias printed say – prior to 1940’s extremely interesting

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