Feeling stuck? You might be in Stuck Nation…

Feeling stuck? Like you’ve already lived this news cycle again and again?

We understand.

That’s why we published Stuck Nation last year, an insightful account of the profit-driven United States. Today, the author and award-winning journalist Bob Hennelly shares a statement on where we find ourselves in another year of stuck-ness.

“In the months since we first published Stuck Nation, the evidence that we are indeed stuck has continued to mount. This MLK Day saw a Congress unable to pass even a watered down commitment to voting rights, much less deliver on any of President Biden's Build Back Better agenda to lift up America's long suffering working families.

The Congress even let lapse the lifeline to millions of America's most vulnerable children caught in poverty when it failed to renew the expanded Child Tax Credit.

Meanwhile, we saw our ongoing housing crisis and America's flammable neglect result in fatal fires that claimed the lives of children and firefighters. 

Sadly, our current system protects even decrepit property more than it does human life and the environment. 

And in the ongoing pandemic, we saw the scarcity that capitalism requires result in price gouging on COVID tests and the CDC cut the time to convalesce from COVID in half.

Stuck, yes, we are very much stuck.”

Get your own copy of Stuck Nation today for Bob’s observations on the origins of our national stuck-ness, his reporting on how it endures, and his analysis of what might be required for us to change the course of our historical patterns- so that America can begin putting the wellbeing of its people ahead of its profits.

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