David Harvey Celebrates 10 Years of Democracy at Work

We are honored to share this message from David Harvey, host of our show Anti-Capitalist Chronicles, in which he expresses his gratitude, and the importance, of our mission. 

“The development of a collective wisdom of an alternative to capitalism is, to me, a very important mission. Democracy at Work is one of those institutions which has really started to hone in on this idea of developing a collective understanding so that we can start to construct an alternative world in which there is some level of social justice.”

We are proud to have produced 75 episodes of
David Harvey’s Anti-Capitalist Chronicles in the last three and a half years. While popular on YouTube in its video format, it is most accessed as a podcast. To date, the show has had over 1,697,000 episode downloads alone. We look forward to bringing Professor Harvey’s unique analysis of critical system change to an already impressive but growing international audience. 

“To be able to do this podcast has been fantastic for me, and I want to thank the people at Democracy at Work for making this possible… To the degree I can contribute further to Democracy at Work I'm very, very happy to do so in the coming months and hopefully coming years.” 

David Harvey is one of the key members of our show roster, and we’re thrilled to share Anti-Capitalist Chronicles with you, our audience, as a cutting-edge explainer of the global economy we experience everyday. You can listen to this show on our website, YouTube channel or on your favorite podcast player. 

We can develop this critical collective wisdom thanks to our audience donations. Consider donating to Democracy at Work with a monthly or one-time gift. Our monthly supporters are invaluable to us, in that they allow us to plan for the future, and commit to bringing you more media from an anti-capitalist and pro-workplace democracy perspective. Thank you.

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