How Capitalism Exploits Us (And What We Can Do About It)

Our friends Chris and Dawn Agnos at Sustainable Human recently created a short video featuring Professor Wolff, where he compares capitalism to feudalism and slavery, and explains how a more democratic economic system is possible (hint: it might have something to do with cooperatives). 

The video has gone viral on Facebook since it was posted on June 22nd (exceeding 770K views at the time of writing this), which tells us that not only are a wide array of people rejecting the economic status quo, but they are also open minded to learning about new alternatives.

We think this video is a brilliant introduction for inspiring those disaffected by the political tension and economic hardship in our country and around the globe. So please do your part in sharing this video with your family, friends and social networks to get the word out about the movement we are building here at Democracy at Work. 

And, please consider supporting the creation of more videos like this by Sustainable Human:   

Paul Sliker is an editor and commentator at Democracy at Work, the Chair of the Politics Committee and a member of the Coordinating Committee at Democracy at Work - New York ([email protected]). Follow him on Twitter: @psliker

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  • John Murphy
    commented 2017-07-13 22:05:04 -0400
    Powerful and to the point, as usual, pointing out that capitalism has no social responsibility. Ignored by what passes for news organizations….who inform the masses.

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