Your incredible responses to what Economic Update means to you

A few weeks ago, we asked you to share your thoughts on Economic Update and we have been blown away by the responses. Prof Wolff, in particular, has been deeply touched by your affirmations of his work.

We have received almost 150 incredible and moving messages so far and they keep coming in. We know that our mailing list is a small sample of Economic Update listeners and this level of response from you all demonstrates the wider impact of this show. 

As Economic Update turns 10 in this month of March, 2021, we want to share with you the inspiring feeling of community that you gave us, of one that is committed to understanding how we can do better than capitalism and create a more equitable, just, democratic society for all.

Here is a very small sample of your contributions.

"A lifeline of truth and a beacon of clarity during a time of desperate economic turbulence." - Curt C., Listener for 8 years

"As a high school teacher of economics, I value hearing a perspective that's not in the textbooks. Richard Wolff’s righteous anger, his interviews with activists who are driving change, and his wry sense of humor all help to make "the dismal science" a little less so." - Marie C

"I feel like I am better informed and Dr Wolff has helped me become a more engaged citizen in my community." - David R., Listener for 3 years

"Economic Update has been pivotal to my intellectual trajectory, and has provided much needed rain during an otherwise profound American intellectual drought." - Alex S. in Los Angeles, Listener for 10 years

"Professor Wolff is an expert communicator with the ability to make a complex subject readily understandable to a layman." - Jane C. in Hong Kong

"One of my favorite sources to explain America's capitalist system of alienation and exploitation against the proletariat." - Paul C, Listener for 9 years

"As humans we all need each other, we are better when we act and work together, for each other. This uniting approach is the meaning of this show for me." - Ahmet Ö in Turkey, Listener for 5 years

"This show has been highly educational for me and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the way our economy works, and how it can be improved." - Elizabeth I., Listener for 2 years

"My understanding of the world is far more dialectic now than when I first listened to the show, and I’m able to put together far deeper analyses of cause and effect in world events." - Henry H., Listener for 5 years

"I’m an emeritus professor of economics and am aware of some of the problems in making these presentations. I marvel at what must be so much hard work by all of those engaged in this undertaking behind the scenes as well as by Professor Wolff." - Larry S

"Every episode of Economic Update offers its viewers a sorely-needed, well-rounded and socially-minded perspective that fills in the blanks and inspires us to keep the status quo in-check." - Christina K in Maryland, Listener for 6 years

"I always look forward to Professor Wolff's insights, analysis, and witty remarks regarding what is truly going on in our economy, because I know I won't be getting the kind of information or analysis that he provides from anywhere else." - Ali J., Listener for 8 years

"I will continue to watch, listen to, and support Democracy at Work for as long as I have the means to do so until my final days. Why, you ask? Because it gives me hope!" - C.S.



We are so grateful to you all for expressing what Economic Update means to you. It further strengthens our conviction to grow our audience, and bring these critical ideas to ever more people.

Thank you for helping us in that effort by allowing us to share your words.

Thank you for supporting us by sharing the show, by your donations to [email protected] and your support on Patreon.

Thank you for listening, believing, and engaging in the effort to go beyond capitalism.  


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