Scared of Socialism No More

Democracy at Work makes simple, Marxist media relevant to people’s lives without scaring them away - and it’s working. Support d@w this Halloween to help us plan for more projects.

It’s spooky season again, friends, and nothing is scarier than the way Karl Marx and socialism has been demonized in the United States. If you follow Democracy at Work, then you know what we call socialism: democracy in the workplace. But to others (like some major, respected dictionaries), Marxism is the opposite of democracy. And that’s scary

Democracy at Work makes simple, Marxist media relevant to people’s lives without scaring them away - and it’s working. Thanks to our work & thousands of others, young adults are just as likely to have a negative view of capitalism as a positive one, and the percentage of people with positive ideas of socialism has risen from 39% in 2019 to 41% in 2021.

If you support our mission this Halloween, we can create more books, shows and resources to popularize workplace democracy and weaken the terrors of capitalism.

The Big Scary ‘S’ Word is a documentary, featuring Richard Wolff, about how socialism became such a scary concept to Americans.

The Red Scare purged communists and socialists from public positions of authority by accusing them of treason. The Cold War conflated the Soviet Unions’ “communism,” with a nuclear threat to life. Today, folks try to paint socialist ideas as ones that take away freedom.

Here at Democracy at Work, we’re flipping those narratives on their head. 

We make media that says socialism is democracy. We tell the stories that open people’s eyes to the meaning of Marx’s criticism. People live under authoritarian control everyday at work, where bosses are the kings. Democracy at Work’s mission is to tell everyone: we can do better than capitalism, and there’s no reason to be afraid of socialism.

We’re working on new books, shows and resources to clearly explain capitalism, socialism, Marxism and more. By donating to Democracy at Work this Halloween, you will support us to plan for more projects that take the scary out of socialist ideas.

We’re also inviting you to a conversation on November 18th between renowned Marxist thinkers Richard Wolff and David Harvey focused on the present and future of Marxism. This is a ticketed, virtual event fundraiser to support Democracy at Work. This will be a critical conversation for anyone interested in Marxism’s usefulness today, between two experts with long histories of applying Marx’s ideas to our current politics in insightful and educational ways.

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