Read an excerpt of "Stuck Nation" in Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine has published an excerpt of the prologue of our newest book, Stuck Nation: Can the United States Change Course on Our History of Choosing Profits Over People? by Robert Hennelly.

“In ‘Stuck Nation,’ I share my observations on the origins of our national stuck-ness, my reporting on how it endures and my analysis of what might be required for us to change the course of our historical patterns. I've written this book while our country has been in the convulsions of a global pandemic that had been long predicted by public health experts. Yet the nation and the planet were caught so unprepared that millions would die; and, as of this writing, 115,000 health care workers around the world have perished.

And in the midst of this once in a century public health crisis, the United States itself — despite the expenditure of trillions of dollars in military procurement and global deployment in the name of protecting democracy — was almost toppled from within by one of the two national political parties, which had been commandeered by a white-supremacist authoritarian.

In ‘Stuck Nation’ I have assembled accounts of individuals and a broader movement willing to put everything at risk to change our national narrative, so that America can begin what the Rev. Dr. William Barber describes as a "Third Reconstruction," one that puts the condition of the people ahead of profits so obscene they can launch a handful of billionaires into space.”

Read the full excerpt in Salon Magazine.

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