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As Prof Wolff recently said in a short Wolff Responds video: “It's almost an afterthought that, halfway into July, we're beginning to recognize that there's a school issue, and solving it having failed to make the school safe by pressuring people to go back in, is outrageous and criminal.” 

Regardless of the dangers of in-person classes or the challenges of online learning, schools are preparing to start the next school year. With growing proof of the unsustainability of our capitalist system, it is more critical than ever to help each other understand how we can move beyond capitalism.

Our teachers will soon be on the front lines of not just this pandemic, but of helping our next generation to contextualize our mounting struggles and to imagine a better future.

To help our educators in this effort, we have not only e-book versions of both our books “Understanding Marxism” and “Understanding Socialism”, but we also have special, paperback, educator copies at a lower price. If you would like to assign this book to your class and receive an educator copy, please follow the instructions on our website. 

Prof Wolff not only generously donated his time on these books so that all purchases could support [email protected]’s ongoing work, but he also prepared questions that can help facilitate classroom discussions. You can find these discussion questions on our Resources page

We hope this helps to sustain our teachers, some of our most valuable yet underappreciated front-line workers. Help us spread the word and share this with the educators among your friends and family.

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  • Liz Phillips
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