This is Left: Art as Activism - Eleanor Goldfield

This video, by creative activist and journalist Eleanor Goldfield, is about art - as both fight and salve; the soul and pulse of our movements. It’s how we describe what it is to be human, and how we move to change that human experience. Ultimately, art won’t topple empires. But it’ll inspire those who do.

Eleanor Goldfield is a creative activist and journalist. Her work has appeared on Free Speech TV where she produced and hosted the weekly radical news show, Act Out! for five years. Her print work has appeared via Mint Press News, ROAR, Popular Resistance, RT and more. She is the host of the podcast Act Out! and the co-host of the podcast Common Censored along with Lee Camp. Her first long-form, deep-dive video piece, "Hard Road of Hope," covers past and present radicalism in the resource colony known as West Virginia. Besides touring, performing and media work, she assists in frontline action organizing and activist trainings.

Follow her on Twitter: @ActivistEleanor

Websites: www.HardRoadofHope.com  | www.ArtKillingApathy.com

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