Capitalism Hits Home: Revelations, Cover-ups: Round Up of the Epstein Case - Part 1


[S1 E27]

Jeffrey Epstein's Case Reveals the Combination of Depraved Sex Abuse and Capitalism that allows...


Global Capitalism: September 2019 Live Economic Update

The US-China Trade Wars: Causes, Prospects, Risks

with Richard D. Wolff 
Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work & Judson Memorial Church
In connection with Wolff’s discussion of the main topic above, he will also cover the following issues at the September 11th, 2019, event...

Economic Update: Homelessness in the U.S.

[S9 E34]

This week on Economic Update, Professor Wolff delivers updates on politicians' "blame game" of scapegoating to avoid blaming capitalism, middle class squeezed by prices, limits of...



Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The State of the US and Chinese Economies

[S1 E22]

Prof. Harvey continues his discussion of rate and mass of surplus value. He argues that the emergence of the Equalization of the Rate of Profit (ERP) in the 1980s has been responsible for...


PRF Review: A Joke That's True

President Trump's joke to trade Puerto Rico for Greenland is closer to reality than you might think...


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