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The day has come. You can now follow Democracy at Work on TikTok!

We are posting short clips from our new shows and highlights from some of our most popular episodes in the past. Find us on TikTok today to see quick, daily videos featuring your favorite show hosts, interviews with leading voices on the left and more things to come.

Democracy at Work is going to keep evolving our anti-capitalist, pro-democracy media to reach new audiences. Sometimes that means expanding to new platforms. We can’t fit everything into these short videos on TikTok, so whenever something catches your ear on our social media, watch or listen to the full episodes of each show, as always, for free on our website.

TikTok is one more way you can share anti-capitalist ideas with your friends, family and social media connections. We depend on you, our audience, to help spread our message: we can do better than capitalism. 

If you have any ideas on where to bring our message next, or what trends to make our own videos with, send us a message here. We’re always inspired by your comments and suggestions.

Follow us, engage with our work and repost our videos! We’re on TikTok. We’ll see ya there. 

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