Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Coercive Laws of Competition

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In this episode of ACC, Prof. Harvey examines 2 schools of thought within the Marxist tradition, one that focuses on the falling rate of profit, and the other that explores the rising mass. Harvey argues that both schools miss an important contradiction that separates each of them from the other: the role of competition. The coercive laws of competition are crucial for both falling rate of profit and rising mass. He explains why.

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  • Edward Dodson
    commented 2021-11-25 10:17:33 -0500
    My study of Marx’s political economy is fairly recent. For the last forty years I have taught the version of political economy developed by Henry George. Recently, I developed a series of lectures on “Henry George, Karl Marx and their followers,” in which I trace the competition for the hearts and minds of those who in the late 19th century and early 20th century challenged the justice of the status quo. While this competition dissolved for a number of reasons, the debates between leading figures of both movements provides interesting insights into the perspectives very thoughtful and dedicated people brought to questions of systemic reform. The lectures are now recorded and available on my personal Youtube channel for anyone interested in what these opposing forces had to say about one another. Search Youtube on “Edward Dodson”. The channel contains recorded lectures and full courses on this and many other subjects.

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