Is Europe Regretting Russian Sanctions? Is the U.S. Dollar in Trouble?

Richard Wolff recently answered two questions from the audience as part of the Ask Prof Wolff series that have taken off. Within a few days, each has over 100,000 views. Watch these videos on YouTube or listen to them as a podcast on your favorite podcast player.

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Ask Prof Wolff: What Europe Got Wrong about Sanctions on Russia 

“Why, in your opinion, did European countries go along with the USA on sanctions on Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year? Did European leaders miscalculate negative impacts that these sanctions will have on Europe or counted on some benefits that will be worth the losses? Are any benefits present?" 

Ask Prof Wolff: Is the U.S. Dollar in Trouble?

“I'd love to hear your thoughts on what a world looks like if the US dollar loses its primacy. What does the "economy" look like in the USA? Will there be a huge collapse?"

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