All Things Co-op: Interview with Drivers Coop Worker-Owners

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In this episode Kevin, Cinar, and Larry talk with Erik Foreman and David Alexis about their exciting new cooperative - Drivers.Coop - in New York City. Driver.coop is a river-owned ridehailing cooperative in New York City that was founded to be the alternative to Uber and Lyft, whose mission mission is to end exploitative conditions in the for-hire vehicle industry through system change– putting drivers in the driver’s seat of the platform economy. Drivers make more on each trip, all profits go back to drivers, and drivers have democratic control over the decisions that affect their lives. Drivers.Coop will be launching this year.

Learn more about Drivers.Coop at https://www.drivers.coop/
Find them on Facebook (@thedriverscoop) at https://www.facebook.com/thedriverscoop
Find them on Twitter (@TheDriversCoop) at https://twitter.com/thedriverscoop

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