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Our new “Socialism is Democracy in the Workplace Journal”, a sleek, red roses design with lined and blank pages, is now available for any of your dreams, notes and plans for economic democracy. All proceeds are donated to Democracy at Work.


This 200-page notebook is our first journal offering from our store- and we hope it will be a great conversation starter and tool for thinking about creating a new world that is better than capitalism. The rose illustration by artist Luis de la Cruz, wraps around the cover for a beautiful, bold cover for your personal journal or as a gift for that person in your life in a co-op or getting interested in them.

This journal will support Democracy at Work in our 10th year of advocating for a worker led economy. Thanks to your support, we can tell the world that “Socialism is Democracy in the Workplace”.

Hear what Jill Stein has to say about what we have accomplished in our first 10 years...

“With the support of [email protected], I’ve come to understand the crises of inequality, climate collapse, endless war and more as symptoms of end stage capitalism, and to seek systemic economic transformation for the definitive solutions we urgently need. I am deeply thankful for the guidance and hope offered up by [email protected] in these troubled times.”

Support our 10th anniversary by sharing our message in our shows and books, gift a friend some of our merch, or donate to us directly. Thank you again for your support! Soon we will release a special 10th anniversary journal that reads “We Can Do Better Than Capitalism.”

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